Cooking Club


Week 65

Phew. Let me just prepare you for the HEAP of information that is included this week.

It’s a lot of words.

So many words.

But we over explained in an effort to be sure no question went unanswered when you’re making these dishes. You will unlikely be making all of them, but the timeline is penciled out here too, so you can do the work in shifts, and not be overwhelmed. We designed a menu that we feel is practical, has make ahead components, addresses dietary issues, varies in texture and color and won’t overload a single oven with all baked dishes. I think it’s fun to care about the food - to try something different or make it pretty and ideally delicious - but remember that being around a table is about more than just the food. That is where the stories and memories lie. If you overcook the turkey or drink too many tequila mules and forget to pull the potatoes out of the oven until you smell char? It’s going to be ok. You’re in good company.

Happy to share this with you all! I hope it is helpful in some way. Save your leftover turkey for sandwiches and turkey tortilla soup that will be up for the following week.

Enjoy! All the love and light and hugs to you wonderful people. xo

Hey there 👋🏼

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