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Meet the Team

Sara Forte

Creator, recipe developer & editor

San Juan Capistrano, CA

Sara loves food. She loves really delicious salads and citrus and ripe avocados smashed on toasted sourdough and rich chocolate brownies and a perfect summer peach that juices down your arm as you eat it over the sink; red wine and singing 90’s love songs really loud in the car, and being at the beach in the sunny afternoon with family and gathering around a table with friends under twinkle lights.

Sara cooks because she’s motivated to eat well to feel good, and feeding other people so they feel good and cared for. For her, sharing recipes has always been about more than just the food. As she pursues connection with people, food often makes the best common ground.

Headshot of Sara Forte

Hugh Forte

Web developer & photographer

San Juan Capistrano, CA

Hugh made the original Sprouted Kitchen blog as a gift for Sara in 2009 and is responsible for its aesthetic and beautiful photos.

He stepped away from photography a few years ago to focus on web development. As part of that journey, he created the SKCC platform with the help of Sahand Nayebaziz. He works full-time outside of Sprouted Kitchen now, but on lunch breaks and evenings, still has a hand in the photography, back end management, and continues to tinker with this site.

He makes the best scrambled eggs but is otherwise a taste tester of all of the SKCC food we make here.

Headshot of Hugh Forte

McKenzie Mitchell

Recipe developer & editor

Seattle, WA

McKenzie became part of the team by way of her being one of the most thoughtful volunteer recipe testers. She came on to help refine the recipes, and now writes & tests some of the weekly menus you find here.

She works full-time with the Seattle Mariners and is a lover of all things food and feeding people. You love her Spanish Baguette Pizzas, California Ceasar and Emerald Pizza. She has celiac, so many of the gluten free baking projects come from her too!

Headshot of McKenzie Mitchell

Ashlae Warner

Recipe developer & photographer

Denver, CO

Ashlae, a retired vegan, writes succinct and clear recipes. Creator of Oh, Ladycakes, the popular (and now private) baking blog.

She and her husband are in the cannabis industry and she cooks often, and is now writing freelance for us! She is newer to the team, but has brought some wholistic relief to our routine by also taking photos of her recipes. You love her Ratatouille Pasta, Stuffed Peppers with Cashew Crema and No-Bake Cookies.

Headshot of Ashlae Warner