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Emerald City Pizza

Serves 4


The base is part pesto, part chimichurri. It doesn’t really fit in a culinary box, but it’s bright and feels like early summer. If you’re pressed for time use a pre-made pizza dough or use a store-bought pesto or Zhoug sauce from Trader Joes if you like things spicy. Early season asparagus is usually pretty skinny, but if yours seem thick, slice them in half lengthwise first.

My kids will eat veggies on pizza if they are chopped small and have some melty cheese on top of said vegetables. We wrote goat cheese in below, but mozzarella is great too.

The sauce will make more than you need, and we’ll repurpose that in the Shawarma bowls.


15 min


35 min


50 min

Emerald City Pizza
Emerald City Pizza


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