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Spanish Style Baguette Pizzas w/ Fennel Salad

Serves 4


Did anyone else grow up getting pre-made French bread pizzas from the market’s bakery section? These are an upgraded version of that childhood favorite. Best part? You don’t have to roll out the dough and get flour all over the kitchen. This is so, so easy. With the Super Bowl on the horizon, these would be great football food, cut into bite sized pieces.

If you can’t find manchego, you can sub with more mozz, fontina, or gouda. Serrano or prosciutto are Spanish style cured meats that can be found near the salami, or deli counter, in most stores.

Either work here or can be eliminated for a vegetarian option.


20 min


12 min


32 min

Spanish Style Baguette Pizzas w/ Fennel Salad
Spanish Style Baguette Pizzas w/ Fennel Salad


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