Cooking Club


Week 70

Hello to the new folks who may have joined by way of a gift card this holiday. Welcome! Happy to have you. Generally, we do three dinners and one snack or treat per week, but we’re doing one more fancy menu before the new year! This specific menu is designed to work together, not necessarily be independent meals as we normally do. If you find yourself having friends over, or feeding different kinds of eaters, both the meat and vegetarian options here are strong. The cauli steaks are gorgeous and delicious.

I made all sorts of notes on what you can do in advance so if you do find yourself with a full table this week, you can get ahead earlier in the day.

I am excited for a fresh start and practical goals as we head into a new decade. One of my favorite traditions with Hugh is to look back at the past year, and see what was great, and what perhaps needs a shift to work better. I hope you have things to celebrate, and new starts you’re excited for as well.

Happiest of New Years’ to everyone! Thank you for your support and involvement with this program. It truly is a highlight. Take care!

Hey there 👋🏼

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