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Banana Breakfast Bars

Makes 12 bars


These were inspired by the Simple Mills Banana Bread Breakfast Bars that are part muffin top, part banana bread. They’re nostalgic and comforting and feel wholesome enough for breakfast or a snack on the go. I’m always interested in making breakfast goods my kids can help themselves to as we’re all hustling to get ready for school.

First off, be sure your bananas are extra ripe and brown! That adds sweetness and moisture. I am adding the notes should you prefer them to be gluten free or not. Our GF folks can use oat flour or a GF all-purpose blend or even more almond flour. They are moist, so they will only last on the counter for a few days. Freeze them!

You can make these in a quarter sheet pan or 9x13. The bars are intended to be flat, but you can make more of a “snacking cake” and use the same recipe in a 9” pan and adding to the baking time.


5 min


25 min


30 min

Banana Breakfast Bars
Banana Breakfast Bars


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