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Sundried Tomato & Spinach Pasta Bake

Serves 6


You want a deeper dish for a pasta-bake like this, so you get pockets of cheese along with some crispy edges. This will all fit into a 9” square or 2 qt. baking dish. It makes a decent amount of food, so expect some leftovers or invite friends over.

Dairy Free friends …oof. There will be a few swaps. Simply eliminate the cream or cream fraiche from the marinara layer. Miyokos and Kite Hill brands make dairy-free alternatives to ricotta and mozzarella which you can use here. Dairy free cheeses do not exactly “brown”, so don’t wait for that to happen.

If you want to make this to bring to new parents or freeze for yourself, make it up until the final assembly step, and let the cook finish the baking steps.


10 min


35 min


45 min

Sundried Tomato & Spinach Pasta Bake
Sundried Tomato & Spinach Pasta Bake


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