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Herby Chicken Kofta w/ Harissa Potatoes

Serves 4


Every cuisine has their version of a meatball. Kofta, the middle eastern version, doesn’t use breadcrumbs and eggs like Italian versions do, making these a bit more tender. The recipe is riffed off an Epicurious recipe that a member recommended and I LOVE hearing your family favorites.

We added some perfect potatoes, a pile of greens and a simple tahini drizzle to make a meal of these.

I use the harissa paste from Trader Joes and it has quite a bit of heat. The amount below is family friendly, but I know that is subjective.


20 min


30 min


50 min

Herby Chicken Kofta w/ Harissa Potatoes
Herby Chicken Kofta w/ Harissa Potatoes


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