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Campground Fajita Bowls

Serves 6


In the summer of quarantine, camping seems to be the travel of choice. We’re heading out on our third and final local-ish beach camping trip of the summer and I thought I’d pass on this meal that works well for us and can feed 4 or 10 if you really want to multiply the yields for a crowd. I prepped the turkey, beans, rice, and sauce components in advance, and on the travel grill at the site, we sautéed the vegetables and reheated the meat and beans and rice in foil trays. I packed greens and cheese for serving, and everyone could either make a bowl or we made burritos for the kids. Leftovers rolled over into breakfast burritos the next morning.


20 min


1 hr


1 hr 20 min

Campground Fajita Bowls
Campground Fajita Bowls


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