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Active subscribers receive tailored mealplans including 4+ recipes and supplementary content every Friday.

A Cooking Club subscription begins with a free, 7-day trial, afterwhich it is billed at $9.99USD per month. There is no long term commitment; subscriptions may be canceled at any time.

Sign up, Free Trial & Billing

When you sign up for Cooking Club, we create a subscription for you that includes a free, 7-day trial.

A billing source is required to access the members-only content.

After your trial period has concluded, your subscription is billed once a month at the rate of $9.99USD.


Subscriptions may be cancelled at any time from the Profile page. There is no long term commitment. When a user cancels, the subscription remains open through the end of the current billing period (1 month).


Cooking Club supports multiple subscriptions, meaning that you can subscribe for a season, cancel, and then resubscribe at a later date and retain access to all of the content from each of your subscription periods.


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