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Favorite Recipes to Deliver

This is a collection of recipes that are great to deliver to friends who have just had a baby, or have moved, or are grieving, or for any plethora of reasons, would benefit from someone delivering dinner. Or! Maybe you have crazy weeks and batch-cook on Sundays to stock your fridge so dinner comes together lightning quick. These are all great options.

There is something for everyone here - a vegetable packed chili and enchiladas that don't feel crazy heavy or stuffed sweet potatoes with a crunchy slaw that are so filling and nourishing.

I always suggest delivering in containers you don't need back - recycled glass jars or wide mouth Mason jars. Keep the dressing on the side. If the recipe has a final baking step, leave that to them, so the meal comes out feeling fresh. All specific notes are within each recipe.

Cooking is such a gift to others - you are nice.

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