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+-There are a LOT of recipes online. What makes Cooking Club useful?

There is so much great content that it can even be too much for some of us. If you are organized and like the searching and pinteresting and list making and you have the skills to whip up a quick pan sauce with what you have on hand without a recipe, that’s great, and this program might not be ideal for you. This is for the guy or gal who wants someone to help them simplify their meal planning, make dinner a little easier on them, and take a good chunk of mental bandwidth out of the weekly equation by answering: “What’s for dinner?” My goal is to offer a very usable resource for people who want to eat better at home but, for one reason or another, could use a hand getting there.

We recently redesigned the site with the intention of making the it even more useful... a dashboard of sorts to help you quickly find inspiration, preview and organize your meals for the week. Check out this video for a walk through of the core features or take a glance at some of the features below.

This Week - A walkthrough

+-How much does Cooking Club cost?

Cooking Club subscriptions are billed at $9.99 per month, making them the most cost effective way to access SKCC recipes. All subscriptions begin with a free, 7-day trial so subscribers can get a feel for the program.

If you choose to cancel your subscription, your account transitions into a la carte status at the end of the current period - you can purchase content at any time, but you won't automatically receive new content as it is published. A la carte content prices are as follows:

$1.99 / Recipe
$4.99 / Weekly Menu
$9.99 / SKCC Bundle

+-How many recipes will I receive each week as a subscriber?

Each weekly plan typically includes four recipes - three meals and one treat or snack. Some special weeks include a few more (like Thanksgiving or New Year's).

I believe that three dinners at home is a reasonable number for the average home cook, who can then fill in other nights with their staple meals, going out, social plans and what not. Personally, I find five meals of planning to be too much, whereas three leaves room for plans changing, leftovers or a pizza and movie night should the mood strike.

+-What if I want to make more than 4 recipes in a week?

You can tailor each Week's menu to your own preference. You can strike meals from the menu and add recipes from the ever growing database. Here's a quick look at how the menu works:

The Edit icon (1) enables the option to remove recipes (2) from your Menu.

Any recipes you add to your Menu will appear under the My Additions (3) section.

Click the Reset icon (4) to reset your Menu to to it's original state. This will also clear your Additions.

Click the Confirm icon (5) to exit the editing mode.

Your Grocery List automatically updates to stay in sync with any changes you make to your Menu.

SKCC Menu example

+-How can I organize recipes or add a recipe to This Week's menu?

All members have the ability to perform the following recipe actions.

Use the Heart icon (1) to mark a recipe as a favorite for easy reference later on. This is especially helpful for when you want to add a favorite to This Week's Menu, which you can do by clicking the Add to My Additions button (2).

You can also Print (3) recipes, as needed.

Share integrations (4) are coming soon!

SKCC Grocery List example

+-How does the grocery list work?

The Grocery list automatically compiles itself based on the recipes you've selected for your menu.

Open and close the Grocery List with the Open icon (1).

Click on any grocery item (2) to view its details, including the recipe it's used in.

Use the Expand icon (3) to view details of all the grocery items at once.

As you check off grocery items you already have in stock or don't need, you can show or hide them by toggling the Eye (4) icon.

Need something else while you're at the store? Add custom items to your grocery list using the Extra Item (5) feature.

Changes to your Grocery List sync across devices, but you can Print (6) your grocery list, if necessary.

SKCC Grocery List example

+-What kind of food can I expect?

I eat a produce heavy diet, with seafood and poultry on occasion. I'm not overly concerned with labeling my food choices, but I know that is important for a program like this. I don't follow strict rules, but I do pay attention to what makes me feel good. I lean towards a mediterranean or anti-inflammatory diet, where there is limited use of wheat, dairy and animal proteins, with wiggle room. I focus on using seasonal produce, healthy fats, legumes and nuts. Food choices should not be a game of "good" and "bad", you will see the substitutions for various diets in the recipe notes. You will catch on to my staple ingredients and adjust as necessary. This can be as simple as adding a grilled chicken breast to a vegetarian entree to up the protein content or leaving sausage out of a pasta dish if you prefer it vegetarian - either way, all notes will be there in the side bar so the plan works for your eating habits.

+-When I subscribe, will I receive access to all the recipes?

Subscribing does not automatically unlock past content. Cooking Club is designed as an editorial subscription, aimed at providing tailored meal plans on a consistent basis to active subscribers - more akin to subscribing to a magazine than to streaming TV service.

All content published while a member is subscribed is automatically available (and remains available). Content published outside of a subscription term is available for purchase a la carte.

Also, unlike a subscription to a library-like streaming service, you'll always be able to access your Cooking Club recipes, regardless of your subscription status.

+-What is the cancelation policy for subscriptions?

Subscriptions are billed month to month so you can cancel at any time and your subscription will conclude at the end of the current billing period.

If you choose to cancel, you will retain access to all the content published during your subscription and any content you purchased a la carte.

You can also resubscribe at any time and pick right back up from that point onward. However, you won't automatically receive the content published in between your subscription periods.