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FAQ — Gift Memberships

+-What increments are gift memberships available in?

Gift memberships are available in 3-month and 6-month increments.

+-Can I send a gift membership to a friend who's already an SKCC member?

Yes! When you purchase a gift membership for someone, we first check to see if they already have an SKCC account. If they do, we apply the gift directly to their account.

+-Can I specify when a gift membership is sent?

Yep, when you purchase a gift membership, you can select what day you want it to be delivered. If you don’t select a future date, we send out the gift immediately.

+-How are gift memberships delivered?

We send an email, along with any gift message you include (optional), and a brief instructions on how to claim their gift membership.

+-Can I send a gift anonymously?

Yes. Simply leave your name blank on the gift membership purchase form, and we’ll deliver the gift anonymously.

+-I'm not an SKCC member, can I purchase a gift membership?

You can! Gift memberships can be purchased by anyone - an SKCC account is not required.

+-Can I gift a subscription to myself?

You can! Designate the recipient’s email with your SKCC related email address and you’ll be able to apply the gift to your own account.

+-What happens when a gift membership ends?

A gift membership does not begin until it is claimed by the recipient, at which point, the designated gift term begins counting down. If the recipient applied the gift to a pre-existing SKCC membership, when the gift terms concludes, their subscription rate returns to their standard monthly rate. If the recipient recieved the gift membership and created a new SKCC account, at the end of the gift term, their subscription automatically cancels. All content from their membership period remains available indefinately and they may easily resubscribed if desired.

+-Can gift memberships be returned?

For avoidance of doubt, no refunds and/or credits will be issued for any Gift Memberships purchased and/or redeemed.

+-Do unclaimed gift memberships expire?

Gifts do not expire. They remain available to the recipient and the gift term does not commence until they are claimed.