Cooking Club


Hey Hey!

I’m Sara Forte, and that is my husband Hugh. We have two wee people, Curran (6) and Cleo (4) and live in Southern California.

I love food. I love really delicious salads and citrus and ripe avocados smashed on toasted sourdough and rich chocolate brownies and a perfect summer peach that juices down your arm as you eat it over the sink. I love red wine and singing 90’s love songs really loud in the car and being at the beach in the sunny afternoon with my family and gathering around a table with friends under twinkle lights.

I cook because I’m motivated to eat well to feel good, and feeding other people so they feel good and cared for. For me, sharing recipes has always been about more than just the food. As I pursue connection with people, food is a thing we all have in common, it is a way to nurture, and a subject we have something to learn more about. We have to eat, we feel well if we eat well, and I’d like to be a person who helps make that happen for others. Sprouted Kitchen is a food community for people who want to get a wholesome meal on the table to enjoy with family and friends.

I learned to cook by watching Food Network, reading every word of food magazines and cookbooks, years of work experience in restaurants, grocery stores and farms but mostly, by getting in the kitchen and messing things up. Together, we have been creating content for all things Sprouted Kitchen for over a decade. It started as a food blog, which rolled over into two cookbooks (Sprouted Kitchen in 2011 and Sprouted Kitchen: Bowl + Spoon in 2014), and freelance jobs for all sorts food and lifestyle publications.

A couple years ago I began to recognize pattern in how people were getting stuck on dinner plans. After having 2 kids in less than 2 years, which inevitably changed my cooking, I, a cook by trade, was stuck. The landscape of blogging had changed and I desperately wanted to connect with other people who cared about good food, cooking, and share ideas. So Hugh and I set out to create a place where this connection could happen and we could all benefit. That space is where you've found yourself - Sprouted Kitchen Cooking Club.

I do not follow a specific diet, but most of my work, and preference of eating personally, leans towards the Mediterranean and anti-inflammatory diets - seasonal fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, citrus, nuts and seeds, tons of herbs. Prepared in a fashion that helps reduce time in the kitchen, and shared in a way that aims to free up the mental bandwidth that can cause folks so much hassle and frustration on a nightly basis. Hugh continues to take the beautiful photos here, develop the site, and is typically the one responding to your emails and tech support questions. Our hope is that this food is inclusive and inspiring for all sorts of cooks and eaters - vibrant, not too fussy, wholesome without being boring, approachable and flexible. I want a community who shares ideas and asks questions. You all have a seat at this table.

My goal with SKCC is to publish recipes that improve your time in the kitchen and around the table. We're glad you're here.